Our History

‘Mrs. B’s Story Time…With a Twist’ is the result of years of writing and imagination. Since the time Mrs. B was given her first guitar at 11 she has been creating silly songs for family and friends. Mrs. B’s sister Jodi has been drawing her characters since they were kids. How appropriate that their childhood hobbies are now being used to touch the lives of so many wonderful children.

Mrs. B has been writing music and play acting since she was a young girl. Her sister, Miss Jodi, has been an artist since she could hold a pencil. Who knew these two women would develop and hone these talents into what has become today; the high energy and educational presentation with series of books with sing-along CDs.

Whether Mrs. B is presenting large school assemblies with world traveled 1,000 watts of sound and custom stage set up for hundreds of students grades K-8 or if she is in a pre-school with 50 three to five year olds with her more intimate music time… Mrs. B captivates and engages kids!!

For 15 years Mrs. B has traveled the world presenting her unique and original music and stories to children. Her material is current and pertinent. While it educates children with an emphasis in literacy, no-bullying, good character it creates an atmosphere that allows them to just lose themselves in their childhood with fun and fancy.